The year 2020 has been a unique one for most of us and has been full of changes.

These changes have been especially prevalent for the students and staff at CNHS as they have all striven to bring some normalcy to the new school year.  Changes, while often disruptive, bring new perspectives, new processes (often with new costs of time and dollars), and new challenges.

We at the Bull Dog Alumni Association continue to strive to position ourselves to be ready to help staff provide the environment and resources to pursue excellence for all our Bull Dog students.

We wanted to give everyone a heads-up that we are still planning our annual fund-raising campaign, albeit on a potentially changed schedule — right now we’re hoping to initiate in early November.  This is truly a time when we do not know what tomorrow might bring.  With the November election looming, we read in some places that the USPS will be flooded and delays possible as we approach November.  Members of the BDAA board cannot currently assemble to work on our usual mailings.  Things are very much up in the air.

One way in which we thought we could help everyone was by encouraging our supporters to consider using our website to make an online donation to our campaign early this year:

You can read about the support areas and opportunities at:

This can help us do our small part in un-cluttering the USPS pipeline and help all of us Bull Dog supporters remove one small item from our calendars during the last two months of this busy year.

We thank you in advance for your support, and hope you stay well.