The newly organized local chapter of the F. F. A. Alumni is planning a BIG display/booth at this year’s Bartholomew County 4-H Fair.  They are seeking any and all material (Facts, Photos, News Articles, Memorabilia) related to Columbus F.F.A. history (F. F. A. was begun at CHS in the early 1930s).

Anything that could aid them in this display (historical F. F. A. items or any items related to the teaching of agriculture in the high school) will be most appreciated.  Items can be temporarily loaned for duplication (such as photos) or display, or they can be gifted.  Final disposition of duplicated or gifted items will be permanent transport to either the Bartholomew County Historical Society or the Archives of the F. F. A. at Trafalgar.

Time is an element for items to be used at the fair display with the deadline being June 18.

Please contact Gene Wint at 812-579-6884, Tim McNealy at 812-371-9316 or Cory Arnholt at 812-350-0981.

Thank you all very much!