Welcome to the Alumni Brick Plaza Locator page.

This page will direct you to an index that contains names on the hundreds of bricks located in the Bull Dog Alumni Plaza.  You can find printable map (similar to the image below) and more directions on the Brick Plaza Map page.



To find the assigned location(s) of the brick(s) for which you are searching, simply go to the Brick Plaza Locator Index and search for the name(s) you desire.

The listing is alphabetized, so most searching can be done by scanning through the listing visually.  We suggest writing down the Quadrant (most important), Column (run west-east in the plaza) and Row (run south-north in the plaza) assigned to a brick to more narrowly pin down any brick.

You can then use your location data in conjunction with the map to find your brick(s) location once you’re at the site.

If you have your printed map with you, the easiest way to get aligned / oriented is to realize that QUADRANT 1 is the corner nearest the gym!