The information contained on this page is here strictly for the use of members of the Bull Dog Alumni Association.

In an effort to keep all class contact information as up-to-date as possible, any changes to a class member’s contact information should be communicated to the that person’s class contact in a timely fashion. These folks and their reunion committees spend countless hours chasing this information periodically; but each of you can make this process more effective and efficient.

Communicating these changes is each person’s responsibility! If you want your reunion committee to find you for reunion communication, it’s your responsibility to let them know how to find you!

Up-to-date class contact information is the most important factor in effective communication among class members and for successful reunions.

As you can see below, we are missing many of the contact names and email addresses for various classes.

If you know who your class contact person is and he/she is not on the list, please email us!


Class Contact Name Email
1955 John Gukenberger
1956  Terry Trautman
1957 LuAnne Bergan Steinker
1958 Carole Burton
1959 Don Butler
1959 Phyllis Nolting Apple On Facebook
1960 Sarah Andrews
1961 Tony Patterson
1962  Bruce Luzier
1963 Leigh Ann Collier Oney
1964 Lindsay (Lane) Cooley
1965 John Dunlap
1966 Jim Graninger

Buck Ritz

Julie (Burns) Malson

1967 Sandy Hutton Carmichael
1968 Larry Ruble
1969 Harold Force
1970 Linda Brown
1971 Deb Hartgrove-Cotton
1972 Donna White
1973 Cindy Crum Perdue On Facebook
1973 Ruth Ann Lewellan Crossland On Facebook
1975 Natalie Olinger-Stine
1977  Janie Gordon
1979 Kevin Silva On Facebook
1980 Beth Johnson-Stott On Facebook
1985 Kym Rister Gatten
1986 Julie Dunlap
1987 Julie Nash
1987 Mary Hamlin
1988 Carla Koontz Lemke
1990 Lindsay (Johnson) Cool On Facebook
1990 Karen (Risser) Riley On Facebook
1992  Kirsten (Shultz) Smith
1993 Kelly Ulreich
1995 Gretchen (Eberhard) Carlson
1997 Whitney Pratt
2000 Lindsey (Dougherty) VanZant
2004 Lesley (George) Daniele
2005 Nikki (Nicole) Moore Olenik
2006  Tim Willmore
2007  Kiara Denholm

Jacob Rape

2008 Clint Shireman