Your Bull Dog Alumni Association would love to assist your reunion committee with planning efforts for your next reunion. And we’d also participate in some small manner at your reunion if you want. It’s the Bull Dog way!

Here’s the scoop on the types of assistance we can provide you:

  • Advertising your reunion for you. Just let us know as soon as you have selected a date for your reunion, and we’ll add a placeholder/reminder on our website’s Upcoming Events and Scheduled Reunions pages.  We’ll also post it on our Facebook page. As you begin to create more detailed information for your reunion, send it to us ASAP and we’ll update your links appropriately.
  • Meeting with your reunion planners and providing suggestions & hints for tracking down “lost” classmates. We can conduct a short (one hour) session on tools & techniques you might want to use when searching for members of your class, including all the Q&A time you want.
  • We’ll also review and demonstrate the use of reunion related resources on our website. We hope this creates a win-win situation where you can help us improve our web resources, as well.
  • For newly graduating classes, we’d like to meet with their class officers and talk about the importance of putting a plan in place right now for more successful reunions down the road.
  • We offer other assistance to your reunion search efforts:
    • We will provide you with two spreadsheets of contact information we have that may enhance your data – information from the latest Bull Dog Alumni Directory subscribers and email addresses for classmates registered on the Bull Dog Alumni Association’s website (usually pretty current email addresses).
  • We can attend a session of your reunion if you’d like, to make a presentation about the Bull Dog Alumni Association.  We’ll provide your attendees with information sheets on the Association and registration forms, along with other options you might desire (such as items we offer for sale, like engraved Memorial Gym floor boards, bricks for the brick plaza, t-shirts, etc).  We only ask that if a session such as this is required, this is done in an indoor venue and at the beginning of the session. We have found this provides for a better communication environment and time.
  • A very popular offering is a school tour of the fabulous “new” CNHS.  For the tour or participating in one of your reunion sessions, we ask for a 30-day notice if possible so we can get it on our schedule and provide you with the right person to bring the best possible experience.
  • After your reunion, if you send us photos of the festivities, we’ll create an album on our Facebook page and link it to an announcement and our website for your classmates (and other Bull Dogs) to enjoy.

The bottom line is that we want to help you have the best possible reunion experience!