John C. Carmichael exemplified all the best characteristics suggested by the phrases “Bull Dog” and “True Blue”: Loyalty, Integrity, Perseverance, and Tenacity.

John was an outstanding Bull Dog athlete, graduating from Columbus High School in 1966 and playing both basketball and golf.  He was so accomplished in these sports that he earned a scholarship to Tennessee Tech University where he played both sports.

At CHS his basketball coach was the legendary Bill Stearman, who John admired and supported for the rest of Mr. Stearman’s life.  When Mr. Stearman was inducted into the Bull Dog Alumni Hall of Fame, John Carmichael served as his “presenter”.

John remained an unwavering supporter of Columbus North High School.  He attended basketball games religiously and was a fixture at floor level beneath the “stage side” basket.  He even followed and supported Bull Dog athletes that went on to college athletic careers.

He also loved golf and played regularly.  He especially loved encouraging and supporting young golfers.  He served as assistant coach for some of Columbus North’s most successful men’s golf teams.

John supported all Bull Dog students and athletes – but he had a special place in his heart for those that showed the loyalty and perseverance of a True-Blue Bull Dog.  He was drawn to the athletes that might have less natural talent than the stars, but showed up at practice every day, celebrated their team’s success, and made the most of what they had.

In this spirit, John’s family and many, many friends have created the John Carmichael “True Blue” Endowment in his memory.  The mission of the endowment will be to support Columbus North student-athletes in high school athletic competition and in higher education.  Each year the endowment will honor John’s memory by awarding scholarships to Columbus North student-athletes who best exemplify the characteristics that John admired most: Loyalty, Integrity, Perseverance, and Tenacity.

Scholarships awards will be for post-secondary education, and the selection committee will prefer Bull Dogs that participated in basketball or golf throughout high school.  If resources are sufficient, the endowment may also award grants to athletic or academic programs that are consistent with John’s interests and values.

Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2017      Nathan Vandeventer                                      Basketball
  • 2018     Bailey Hester                                                     Basketball
  • 2019     Blake King                                                              Basketball
  • 2019     Henry Kiel                                                              Golf
  • 2020     Nick Schiavello                                                    Basketball
  • 2021      Max Wilson & Diing Diing                             Basketball
  • 2021      Luke Vandeventer                                             Golf
  • 2022     Rhett Harmon                                                     Basketball
  • 2022     Aditya Bannerjee                                               Golf
  • 2023     Cooper Horn & Ty Ferguson                        Basketball
  • 2023     William Davis & Jack Schiavello               Golf