Be sure to stop by the high school when possible to check out the Hall of Fame Display, or you can view the entire Hall of Fame online at our Bull Dog Alumni Hall of Fame Page.



  • Graduate of Murray State University Magna Cum Laude and Juris Doctor from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.
  • 28-year veteran of the US Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, holding top secret security clearances and retiring with the rank of Colonel in 2010 with two post 9/11 mobilizations.
  • Recipient of multiple military and civilian awards, including the nation’s third highest non-combat medal, the Defense Superior Service Award signed by the Secretary of Defense.
  • General practice lawyer in Columbus and corporate counsel for Mayflower Transit Inc.
  • 16 years as the elected judge of the Boone County Circuit Court.
  • Outstanding dedication and service to the military and legal profession, pro bono services, and the rule of law.
  • 106th Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, appointed in 2010 by Governor Mitch Daniels.



  • Graduate of Indiana University, honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from Villanova University and honorary doctorate from University of Twente in the Netherlands for his role in the popularization of science and technology.
  • Special effect expert working with several companies in managing production of models and special effects for hundreds of commercials, such as Hershey’s jingle-bell-ringing kisses, and movies, such as Flubber and Arachnophobia.
  • Holder of a variety of electromechanical patents.
  • Co-host and executive producer of the television series Mythbusters, which now has 7 Emmy Nominations and is the Discovery Channel’s longest running show at 14 years.
  • Owner of M5 Industries, special effects workshop where Mythbusters is filmed.
  • Director of strategic development at Bimba Manufacturing.
  • Partner with other businesses and government agencies in developing new technologies, such as NASA for interplanetary robots and the Office of Naval Research for developing light weight armor.
  • Recipient of the Washburn Award, given by Boston’s Museum of Science and lifetime member of the California Science Teachers Association.



  • Graduate of Colorado Christian University and MS Degree from Air Force Institute of Technology.
  • 25 years of service is the Air Force, achieving the rank of Chief Master Sergeant.
  • One of the first enlisted personnel in the Air Force history to serve as Military Training Leader at the Air Force Academy, providing formal and informal instruction to academy cadets and developing a mentorship program that has become one of the academy’s key leadership development tools.
  • Maintenance Superintendent at RAF Lakenheath, England, that included supervision of 700 technicians and managers supporting 3 squadrons of F-15 aircraft.
  • Chief of Maintenance, Air Force One under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, leading and managing the diverse 180 member Presidential Logistics Squadron, 2006-11.
  • Administrator of Logistics Support Contract worth 848 million and two specially configured 747 aircraft valued at over 1.3 billion.
  • Program manager at L-3 Communications, responsible for technical, schedule, and costs aspects on modification of two Boeing aircraft for the FBI and E-6 for the U.S. Navy.



  • Indiana University grad, 1921, and honorary law degrees from Depauw University, Indiana Central College, and Franklin College.
  • Teacher briefly at Columbus High School and Principal at Garfield Grade School.
  • Arvin President from 1945-60 and Chairman of the Board from 1954-69.
  • President of Chamber of Commerce, American Red Cross, Rotary, Foundation for Youth, and School Board.
  • President of Indiana Chamber of Commerce, VP of Radio & Television Manufacturers Association of America, and Chairman of Boys Club Council for Indiana-Ohio-Kentucky Region.
  • Representative of Bartholomew County in the Indiana State Legislature.
  • Chairman of Board of Directors of Depauw University for ten years.
  • President of Board of Governors of the Associated Colleges of Indiana.
  • Chairman of the local effort to raise money to build memorial gymnasium without using tax dollars. Over 1 million pledged in two weeks in December of 1952.