By David Clark, Principal

Columbus North High School

No matter how many years go by, I still get excited about the opening of a new school year.  New shoes, new backpacks, new binders, new attitudes…I always love it when summer slows down and school bells ring again.  I’m sure if you stopped, just a moment, and closed your eyes, you could hear, smell, taste, even visualize the excitement of your own first days of school.  It is a feeling that always leaves me smiling and satisfied.  And even though I’m beginning my 21st year at CNHS, the excitement of a new school year never wanes.

As school began, we were ready. This year there have been some interesting changes that you should be aware of.   We continue to make changes that we feel enhance the educational opportunities of our students.

A major change this year is the creation of Cohorts.   Moving forward, each class will be known as a cohort.  The Senior Cohort this year will be Cohort 2024, for their graduation year.  Juniors will be Cohort 2025, Sophomores will be Cohort 2026, and Freshmen will be Cohort 2027.  Using this model, we will be able to more effectively track our students’ progress toward graduation.

Essentially, each cohort will have a principal, a counselor, academic coaches, and an administrative assistant.  You can see those assignments for the 2023-24 school year here.  The job of this leadership team is to focus, from day one of the new school year, on their assigned cohort.   The goal is to increase our graduation rate, which has dipped slightly since the “covid” years.

We hope you remember your school days at CHS/CNHS with fondness.  A great way to stay in touch with your school roots is through our Bull Dog Alumni Association.  Take time to consider becoming a member and make it…yesterday once more.