By: Brenda Garton Sjoberg, CNHS Class of ‘79

I’m a Nana!

When I first learned I would be a grandparent, two thoughts came to mind. The first was wow! — how lucky and blessed am I? The second was also wow! — am I really this old to be a grandma? Where has the time gone? It seemed like just yesterday I was changing diapers and preparing my own two boys, Stefan and Bo, for bed. Now, I’ll be watching my oldest son do the same for his child and my first grandson, John. I can only wonder what his life will be like as he grows up. Will traditional bedtime stories be replaced by iPad AI generated digital holograms?

Of course, the world, new inventions, and life in general will always continue to change, but the important things never will. With the miracle of life and the love of a child and grandchild comes the hope for a new generation of understanding, acceptance and peace.

Welcoming and watching a new generation today reinforces how lucky we are to call Columbus our home. A simpler time when lake swimming, high school sports, Sunday family dinners, the 4-H Fair, and visits to Donner Park, Crump Theater, or Zaharakos shaped our sense of community.

As a grandparent, I hope to instill and share those same values and meaningful experiences with my grandchildren. It has been said, “like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions, but our roots remain the same.” Our roots are firmly planted in the hometown we all share, and they have blossomed into precious memories.

Congratulations to all the Columbus North Bull Dog Grandparents! We have now entered “the next stage.” It’s fun to look back and remember, as we saw each other through those most important life-forming stages from kids to teenagers. Now, we are adults and referred to as “seniors.” No matter where we live now, still working or retired, grandparents or not, let’s hope our next generation can enjoy the same feelings we all shared while growing up in our beloved Columbus. I look forward to coming ‘back home again in Indiana’ to visit baby John’s great-grandparents and to show him where his Nana’s life began.