Your Bull Dog Alumni Association achieved several milestones in 2023, thanks to the fantastic support of our individual donors and corporate sponsors:

  • We provided $14,000 in scholarships to eight graduating seniors.
  • We awarded $11,500 for eighteen student and faculty assistance grants.
  • We invested $10,300 in our Teacher Appreciation Program.

We set a new record with over $35,000 invested in our student and faculty aid programs in 2023 – and nearly $120,000 awarded in the past 5 years.

Over two hundred generous individual donors and corporate sponsors made this possible by donating over $50,000 in 2023. Thank You Bull Dogs!

Your donations go overwhelmingly and directly to our programs:

  • 67% of 2023 donations went to 2023 student and faculty aid.
  • 21% of 2023 donations went to building our dedicated Endowment Funds for future scholarships and student/faculty assistance programs.
  • 9 % of 2023 donations went to our alumni communication and outreach programs – like operating our website, sending out electronic newsletters, and conducting the induction of 2 new Bull Dog Alumni Hall of Famers – Harold Force and Tami Iorio.
  • Only 3% of 2023 donations went to Administrative and Other Expenses. Our Executive Director and all Board members are unpaid volunteers (and also donors).

We are enormously proud of our 2023 accomplishments, but we know there are tremendous opportunities for improvement in 2024 and future years. If you were unable (or just forgot) to make your 2023 donation – or if you would like to make your 2024 donation early (while you are thinking about it), just click here: Donate On-line or Donate by mail/check.