James F. “Jamie” Hyneman

Jamie graduated from Indiana University, and received an honorary doctor of engineering degree f rom Villanova University and honorary doctorate from Universty of Twente (Netherlands) for his role in the popularization of science and technology.

He is a special effects expert, working with several companies in managing production of models and special effects for hundreds of commercials, such as Hershey’s jingle bell ringing Kisses, and movies such as “Flubber” and “Arachnophobia.” He is also the holder of a variety of electromechanical patents.

He was the co-host and executive producer of the television series “Mythbusters,” which received seven Emmy nominations and was the Discovery Channel’s longest-running show at 14 years. He is the owner of M5 Industries special effects workshop, where “Mythbusters” was filmed.

Jamie is the Director of Strategic Development at Bimba Manufacturing. He also partners with other businesses and government agencies in developing new technologies, such as NASA for interplanetary robots and the office of naval research for developing new, lightweight armor.

He is the recipient of the Washburn Award, given by Boston’s Museum of Science and lifetime member of the California Science Teachers Association.