When the leaves start to fall, we know it’s time for… fundraising???  Your Bull Dog Alumni Association is no different than other charitable organizations.  We rely on our members’ donations to fund our activities.  That means we need your help to continue our efforts to provide scholarships, grants and aid to Bull Dog teachers, students, and alumni.  We will be reaching out to you via mail, email, and social media over the next couple of months.  So, if you see a letter, email or Facebook post from us (or one of your classmates), please read and consider it – it’s not a scam!

Your donations help us do great things:

  • This year we provided $14,000 in scholarships to 2023 graduating seniors for post- secondary education.
  • We expect to provide more than $20,000 in additional teacher and student support in 2023.
  • Over the last 5 years, we’ve provided more than $100,000 in teacher and student support.

Your donations overwhelmingly go to our programs.  If donations and program expenses go as projected for the remainder of 2023:

  • over 70% of your 2023 donations will go to this year’s scholarships and teacher/student support.
  • Another 15% will go to building our endowment funds for future years’ scholarships and grants.
  • Around 10% will go for alumni communication and outreach – like operating our website, sending out electronic newsletters, and conducting our Hall of Fame inductions.
  • That leaves 5% or less for general and administrative expenses. Our Executive Director and all Board members are unpaid volunteers – and donors!

So, please watch for our mail and email requests… and consider a 2023 donation.  If you are ready to make your donation now, you can use these website links:  Donate online  or Donate by mail.

Thanks to all of you that are regular donors – and STAY BLUE!