Spring 2023 True Blue

This year’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year is KEITH BURTON, Performing Arts Teacher & Band Director. Mr. Burton is completing his 22nd year of teaching. He received a $1,000 honorarium and a token of our appreciation.

This is the seventh year for the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award. Our Bull Dog Alumni Board of Directors wanted a way to recognize excellent teachers at Columbus North High School. Students had the opportunity to nominate one of their teachers online and give an explanation & examples of why the teacher is outstanding. The criteria were:

  • high expectations of students
  • a positive and supportive classroom climate
  • appropriate and consistent classroom management
  • ability to motivate students
  • creativity in assignments
  • a thorough and timely grading of assignments
  • strong relationships with students, parents and colleagues
  • teaching so that students realize and take pride in their growth

The Selection Committee felt that Mr. Burton best met these criteria for 2023.