Spring 2023 True Blue

By Kim West, ’79

Since its founding, the Bull Dog Alumni Association has sought to support teachers and students in all their academic and extracurricular endeavors. However, providing scholarships to graduating seniors attending college has always been a priority.

In 2021, one group of Bull Dog alumni, led by Larry Long (CHS Class of 1960), raised money to award a scholarship in remembrance of a teacher who changed their lives – English teacher and Department Head, Webb Salmon. Larry, and his fellow graduates of CHS in the ‘50s and ‘60s, were determined to make this a special scholarship – and raised enough money to award $10,000 in 2023 – the largest scholarship ever awarded by the Bull Dog Alumni Association.

In its second year, Kayden Hofelich has received this award and plans to seek a medical career as a pediatric surgeon.

Her early school years were spent at a small private school. Entering CNHS as a freshman was a daunting task, yet she knew right away she belonged with other Bull Dogs. An English teacher, Ms. McKinney, inspired Kayden to write for herself and not what others wanted to hear. Kayden’s confidence and creativity soared under her direction, echoing the impact that Webb Salmon had on so many CHS students in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s.

In addition to her writing skills, she developed an interest in the Principles of Biomedicals Pathway and packed as many science-related courses as possible into her schedule. She believes she could have an impact as a pediatric surgeon and the more classes she took, the more convinced she became that a science career would be in her future.

Her attention to academics wasn’t the only priority for Kayden. She began playing softball at an early age with the seniors on the 2023 CNHS Softball Team. A starting right fielder, she truly enjoyed this season as the Bull Dogs were ranked #1 or #2 in the state for much of this season. The friendships and lessons learned in athletics helped her to round out a great foundation for the future.

When asked about her future, Kayden replied, “The nerves in the face of new experiences never really go away. But those butterflies are good, because they represent new choices, new paths that you will get to walk down and new lives you might live.”

A country gal, she leaves North, but she doesn’t have to put away her Bull Dog gear just yet. She plans to remain a Bull Dog and attend Butler University in Indianapolis. She would like to attend Vanderbilt Medical School or perhaps an Ivy League university on the East Coast after graduating from Butler (maybe Yale or Georgetown, Kayden, where you can remain a Bull Dog?). Our motto, “Once a Bull Dog, always a Bull Dog,” has added meaning for Kayden.

We wish her all the best for continued success as she prepares for a new chapter in her life.